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The BibleCode Sundays

The BibleCode Sundays

The BibleCode Sundays are a London-based band that has been on the scene since 2006. The band is often described as an infusion of Celtic rock, folk and rock music. Their sound fuses influences from a mixture of traditional Irish instruments and contemporary rock backline.

They were originally named “Slainte” and later changed their name to “The BibleCode Sundays”. The band’s name is derived from the Bible code and other conspiracy theories that they discussed in drink-fueled conversations regularly held in the early hours of Sunday mornings after their a ‘few’ beer during their Saturday night gigs. The Bible code is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. The band’s name is a fun nod to this conspiracy theory.

The guys have released three albums so far: “BibleCodeSundays” (2006), “Ghosts of our past” (2007), and “New Hazardous Design” (2013). They have also released an EP titled “The Pittsburgh Kid” in 2011 (all available on Spotify) The band has played at several notable events such as the Glastonbury festival, at Celtic Park in Glasgow before several Glasgow Celtic F.C. matches, and were the guest band on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Christmas Special in a spoof of the X Factor program called the Y factor. They have also supported Van Morrison & Thin Lizzy at the London Feis in June 2011.

The band’s music is a unique blend of traditional Irish music with more contemporary music. Their sound is characterized by the passion and aggression of their Celtic roots filtered through their London surroundings. Their lead singer, Ronan MacManus, comes from an extremely talented musical family, his brother being Elvis Costello and his late father Ross McManus, a singer and trumpet player with The Joe Loss orchestra. 

Andy Nolan, the accordionist and songwriter, has previously toured with The Popes and played regularly with Irish folk legends Shane MacGowan and Spider Stacy. Andy is also the writer of the forth coming true crime book 'Green Bloods', due for release soon!

Enda Mulloy, the bass player is a musical force known for his rhythmically charged beats and melodic bass lines that add depth and soul to the band's sound. Born and raised in Ireland, he followed the footsteps of his famous musician father Tom Mulloy, of the Mulloy Bothers. Enda's passion for music ignited at a young age, inspired by the rich cultural heritage and vibrant music scene of his homeland. He has also released a solo album 'Batten own the hatches' in 2023, which has been given 5 star reviews!

In conclusion, The BibleCode Sundays are a unique and fun band that combines traditional Irish music with contemporary rock backline. Their sound is characterised by the passion and aggression of their Celtic roots filtered through their London surroundings. If you’re looking for a great night out, they’re definitely worth checking out! Give them a try! 🎶